Steps that One Should Follow to Car Tire Repair

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A deflated tire is a problem that drivers face on almost alternative days. If one drives his own car one should know how to fix the problem of car tire repair because it might be possible that one won’t get a mechanic. Do it yourself first and fix the problem temporarily. After that, if you need tire replacement then find second-hand car seller to get tires or to the mechanic for repair.

The steps to fix the issue of the deflated tire is given below. And the best part is not many tools are required.

Instructions for fixing flat tires

Punctured tires cause a lot of irritation to avoid wasting one’s time in finding a mechanic and then spending time at his shop one should know these steps and should be able to car tire repair themselves

  • Spot the Leak

The first step is to spot the leak. One should take a clear look at the tire and see if there are nails or other sharp objects hanging out or if there are any cuts or holes in the tire. If one is unable to see, then one should inflate the tire to the required pressure level. If one hears a hissing sound, then one should understand that the tire is leaking from that place. If this even doesn’t works then apply a mixture of dish soap and water on the tire with the help of a brush. If there are bubbles then the tire is assumed to be flat and the area where bubbles appear in the leak. Tape the leakage spot.

  • Jack the car up by losing the nuts

One needs to loosen the nuts with a wrench before jacking up the car. If nuts are loosened after the car is jacked up, then there is a danger of car getting spun when the nuts are being removed. After loosening nuts jack up the car and remove the wheels. Remove the wheels by keeping the car on a hard surface and don’t forget to use jack stands. Now completely remove the lug nuts and try to pull off the wheel from the wheelbase. After removing the nut, start cleaning the leaking area by inserting a tool called rasp in an out of the hole few numbers of times.

  • Plug insertion

One needs to thread the plugin order to insert. One needs to plug the thread at the centre of the insertion tool and with a little force push it into the hole. For easy insertion and better seal, one can lubricate the plug with an adhesive.

  • Fill the tire with air

Inflate the tire at required air pressure. Put the wheel back, put away the wheel jack at put back the lug nuts in a proper manner.

Now you are ready to fix a de-inflate tire on your own. After doing it don’t forget it’s for a temporary basis after it you should go to a mechanic or used car finder to get the tires repaired or changed.

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