The Various Types of Pregnancy Tests

How can a woman confide in the fact that she is pregnant? There are some early signs associated with pregnancy and various types of pregnancy tests at home can be conducted and some of them could be conducted at the premises of your clinic. Now let us analyze the different types of pregnancy tests.

Home pregnancy tests

They are available in digital and standard stick forms. The former can be used up to 6 days of your missed period, while the standard stick can be used with regards to 4 days of your missed period. Please take note of the fact that if the test is conducted too early, chances of a false negative result can emerge. This means that even though you are pregnant, it shows you are not.

The test should be conducted the first thing in the morning as the urine or hormone levels will be more concentrated at this point of time. This is not a sure shot formula for the test to be accurate. To derive the exact results you would need the stick midstream unit pointing downward, then laying it flat and provides 3 to 5 minutes to work. In addition to this you can collect your sample in a clean or dry container.

If the test is negative, you can try it a few days later after your period has not started. If there is a faint line, chances are that you are pregnant. Digital tests are more accurate and go on to provide results faster than the standard sticks. Woman is known to prefer the digital sticks as they flash the results instantly on whether you are pregnant or not. You just need to take into account that digital tests are expensive and you would need to conduct a few of them.

Clinical urine test

This test is performed at the chamber of your doctor. It is not commercially available in pharmacies, but is based on the same principle of HCG detection and is more often than not accurate. One of the main differences is that with the help of a professional you will eradicate the chances of any potential error that is expected to emerge. This is one of the pregnancy tests at doctor’s chamber which is indeed popular. This test is bound to cost you more than a home pregnancy test and depends on your co payments.

Blood tests

This test is performed at the chamber of the doctor and the main purpose is to detect HCG in your body. These tests can detect the presence of this hormone much earlier than urine, though it is a bit costly. In this you can opt for the quantitative HCG blood test as it simply conveys the fact on whether you are pregnant or not in the first place. Doctors often rely on this test to check the fact on whether you are pregnant after 10 days of your missed period. But some of the tests can go on to detect HCG much earlier.

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