Things to Remember While Choosing Timber Pallets

Industries and corporations use pallets for transportation of products in bulk. A pallet is a flat container which supports heavy goods with utmost stability even when it is lifted by a front loader, a forklift, a crane or a jacking device. These pallets can be made of different materials, such as wood, plywood, plastic, metals or other recycled materials. Wooden pallets, especially the timber ones are highly durable and long lasting. These flat timber pallets are the structural units of large shipping containers. They can carry loads as heavy as 1,000 kg. The flat timber pallet is preferred over large wooden containers because moving heavy stacks during transportation is easier in case of pallets. The pallets come in a variety of standard sizes.

Aspects to Consider before choosing timber pallets

  • Size & Dimensions of the Timber Pallet: The size of the timber pallets is the first thing to be taken care of. Every industry has standard size of pallets prescribed to it so as to make the business easier. Thus, more or less all the pallets used in the grocery industry are of 40-inch by 48-inch standard size. Likewise, the hardware industry or the paint industry will have a specific size assigned to it for the easy flow of business and transportation. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has standardized the six pallet dimensions for the exchange of products between continents. As far as the standard size of Australia is concerned, it is 1165×1165 mm. Thus, choose a pallet according to the size of your requirement.

  • They should be easy to lift and facilitate easy mobility: It is very important to choose the timber pallets that are designed to be easily lifted by forklifts or cranes. There are two-way and four-way pallets. The two-way pallets can be lifted from two sides and the four-way can be lifted from all the four sides. Another type is the partial four-way pallet that has two large openings on the two extreme ends and the others are smaller. According to the suitability of the work, one can carefully choose from the options available so that the process of lifting and moving products becomes convenient.

  • Quality and the load capacity the pallets should have: The quality of the timber and the load capacity of the pallet are definitely two different things but they are interrelated. The quality of timber determines its durability and toughness which further specifies the load capacity of the pallet. Pallet load capacity is the feature that tells how much weight a pallet can carry. And this load capacity also depends upon the size of the pallet. While choosing the timber pallets just have an idea of the weight of your products

  • Sustainability and reusability of the pallets: Ideally, one should always go for timber pallets that are both sustainable and reusable. There is no second opinion in saying that the wooden pallets are the most durable ones for storing and shipping goods. Timber pallets can easily be recycled and reused because they are made from natural products. They last very long. It is because of this that these pallets are highly sustainable for most industries. Using a timber pallet is the best option because it is both eco-friendly and cost effective. These pallets can be reused for longer turns. All you need to do is look carefully for scratches, dents or fractures. Before using used pallets, have them inspected and then buy it.

These are major points that one should take care of while choosing timber pallets. And once you buy the pallets according to your needs, package the goods and tape them carefully. See to it that the products are dry and that they will have a protection from moisture during the transit. Taking into consideration all these things would give you an efficient workflow.

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