Tips to Get Your Songs on National/ International Radios

Getting your music discovered is not an easy task. To get your music discovered by your target audience you need to be aware of the taste of your audience. Not just taste, but the thought pattern as well as the behavioral pattern of the music lovers plays a huge role. As an artist, knowing your audience helps a great deal in promotion, distribution and in the entire music making process. This article is an attempt to tap into the mindset, inclinations and music appreciation nature of the millennials especially towards the discovery of new music. The article also aims to present you a clear picture of the

A comprehensive report by a music researcher- Libby Korbel reveals three different kinds of listeners. Libby broadly classifies them into two groups namely – Active and Passive listeners. Passive listeners are those who listen to music to simply cure their mood-swings or use music just as a ‘background noise’ to sail them smoothly through the day. These types of listeners are called ‘Routinists’. A Routinist might find it unnecessary to visit a live concert or stay tuned to the social media handles of the artists. All that they care about is the music. Furthermore stats suggest that most of them prefer tuning in to FM radio or YouTube or Pandora (Internet Radio). Have a look at this excerpt from a typical Routinist, “When I get ready in the morning I just pop on Pandora or YouTube or something along those lines where I can just easily listen to the kind of music I like.” They prefer something effortless and easy going, something that doesn’t have to be about the background or the technical details of artist or music. Thus, there couldn’t be a better platform than FM Radio or Online Radio for them.

On the other hand, Active listeners can be classified into two categories – Backstorians and Songsmiths. Backstorians are listeners who feel the need to connect with the artist. They are the first ones to like an artists’ page on social media handles and check out the behind the scene videos. They read up every little detail about the artist via magazines or blogs and crave to know the story of the artist. They are keen to know the artist personally as it makes them feel for the artist. Though they are mainly focused on a limited count of genres like Pop, Hip-Hop or Rap, but, they spend the most amount of money when it comes to subscribing for free streaming or visiting a concert. Parallel to them the Songsmiths have an inclination towards the lyrics and the meaning of the song. They have a wide taste in music and are least interested in the recommendations by friends. They are the only ones who reach out to more than one music discovery platforms in search of meaningful content that gets them to feel special. Songsmiths are the ones who look at a music video to get the deeper meaning of the lyrics. This excerpt from a Songsmith totally, completely and absolutely explains their mindset, “I’m really big on lyrics. I paint a picture in my head about what the song means. That’s what the artist wants most, is for me to feel something out of it.”

This report clearly brings out the behavior pattern of the millennials in their search of discovering new music. Report claims that 85% millennials visit YouTube in search of new music, whereas 61% tune in to Pandora (Internet Radio) and 51% tune in to FM Radios to check out new tracks. A music lover clearly tells a lot through his views, “I have the option to play Pandora because I have Bluetooth in my car. But I’d rather try the radio first, instead of wasting my internet and battery on my phone.”

Though by now it may be crystal clear to you that millennials are rooting for FM Radio or Internet Radio for the discovery of new music, however there seems to be a glitch! The Radio managers hesitate to entertain individual artists. As a result, artists cannot approach the radio stations directly. Unfortunately they force themselves towards other music discovery platforms. This agony and unfortunate circumstance has held back so many brilliant artists from getting their due recognition and fandom.

 Nevertheless an Indian company named Songdew has created opportunities and ways for artists to get discovered through national and international radios. Songdew has partnerships with popular online radio channels like Radio city. Along with this channel, Songdew carves out opportunities for artists across all genres to participate and earn revenues. It engages in promotion of your track by placing your music on ‘Songdew Pick’, featuring it on Songdew Radio and giving your music a chance to appear in the news release widget of websites. Owing to its partnerships with Big FM 92.7 it helps indie musicians a chance to participate in innovative and exciting opportunities. Along with Big FM it rewards the winner with coveted awards like getting an air-time on the radio station as well as getting a chance to release a song and a video on radio and online at a time. It also rewards artists with envious cash prizes.

As the saying goes, “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them”. Though music industry might look all hard work on the superfluous, it is not all that. These splendid platforms are a clear representation of the multitude of opportunities that confront the unsigned artists. I hope I have been able to give you a clear idea about the music taste and inclinations of the listeners. So take into account these factors and tips while you make the most of these opportunities that are knocking on your doorstep.

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