Top 5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Staff

Staff appreciation is one of the most valuable commodities any business can have. When your staff know that they are appreciated and their work is valued, not only does their self-worth and happiness increase but also their productivity. But how do you actually do it?

There are many ways you can show your staff that you appreciate what they do for you. Here are the top five, sourced from a professional London recruitment agency.
1. Incentives and bonuses

The foundation of work is money is exchanged for time and effort – so when an employee shows a degree of dedication or aptitude for their work, it makes sense to reward them financially. A financial bonus is a way of communicating to your staff that they are worth more, literally. It doesn’t have to be a seismic shift in pay or a crippling increase in wages, a subtle bonus can have a powerful effect. Make sure that you communicate to your staff the reason that they are receiving a bonus – whether it be for a job well done or just to signal your appreciation.

2. Give more time

Something everyone values, yet never seem to be able to find enough of, is time. Consider offering your staff more free time as a reward for their efforts. This can be something as minor as an extra scheduled break during the day, or a fifteen-minute addition to their lunchtime. It doesn’t need to be a large amount of time to communicate your message of appreciation. It’s also a wise idea to allow employees to stack the extra time they have earned, which in time could lead to an extra day off to relax, spend with family or friends, or indulge in hobbies. A well-rested employee is a productive and creative one.

3. Encourage feedback

If you want to show your staff that you care, involve them in your business operation. Solicit their feedback from everything to their hours, to their pay, to their working environment. An employee that feels their employer values their feedback is going to automatically feel more invested in their workplace, which ultimately improves the quality of their work. It’s not enough to simply ask, however, you have to be seen to listen. So be prepared to implement certain suggestions if they prove popular amongst the general staff.

4. Feed them well

An army marches on its stomach, and so does your workforce. You might be surprised how much of a positive effect a random act of culinary generosity can have. So, for example, provide a selection of doughnuts or luxurious biscuits for the coffee break, or have a day where you order in pizza at lunchtime. Not only is this a generous gesture, but a well-fed staff is going to be able to better concentrate on their work throughout the day. Though be sure to take into account any dietary requirements of certain staff members before you make an order – this will prevent anyone from feeling left out.

5. Simply tell them

The cheapest, and some would argue most effective, way of showing someone your appreciation is to tell them. If a team has done a good job, make sure to congratulate them. If the general staff is performing to target, acknowledge that clearly and regularly in meetings and group communications. When an individual excels, make a point of seeking them out and telling them how much you appreciate it – and do so in person. Be regular in your praise; however, take special care to avoid it becoming scheduled. Otherwise, it loses the genuine touch and becomes an empty gesture.

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