Top Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Call Centre

Top Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Call Centre

Outsourcing has become a trend today. More and more businesses are outsourcing their customer handling service to a third-party and the number is observed to grow solely. Why? Because when a service provider takes a complete charge of customer service activities then businesses are free to focus on their core tasks and get more time to work on increasing the performance.

So if your business is receiving a higher volume of calls and you aren’t able to handle them then it’s the correct time for you to hire a call centre. Many people think that the call centre is only meant to make sales calls or to handle customer queries. But it’s a wrong belief. Call centres offer a diverse range of services such as lead generation, accounting services, live chat support, help desk, answering services, redirecting services etc.

Hence, you can consider call center outsourcing services as per your requirements. But before you head out to hire a call centre you first need to know if it’s a correct choice and able to meet your business needs.

So how will you decide if the call centre you found will meet your expectation or not? Well, that’s what this blog is about. I have mentioned some factors that one must consider before hiring a call centre.

Top factors to consider while designating a Call Centre for your Business 1. Be transparent about your business requirements

Before you partner with a call centre you should know what your business requirements are and what services you actually need. If you won’t be aware of your own needs then how will you make others understand what you want from them? And if the same is not clear to the service provider then obviously you can’t avail a better service. Therefore, it’s critical to decide what you need and you should be very clear and specific to the service provider about the same.

2. Ensure if the call centre has got the right agents

It is extremely vital to identify if agents working at the call centre are eligible to handle your work process and if their skill sets are enough to meet yours as well as your customers’ requirements. They must be a language proficient, should hold technology certifications and must be an expert in the required field. When agents talk to customers they represent your brand. So it’s critical to determine whether they are able to represent your brand well or not.

3. Determine the operational strength of the centre

You need to find out how effectively your call centre can operate around your business. If your business is such that it receives a large volume of calls then you must choose a call center outsourcing services with authentic uptime and which must include a strong disaster recovery plan. Findings say that 50% of customers will leave the brand in the future if they would be made to wait for more than 5 minutes due to customer service downtime.

4. Examine the credibility of the call centre

Customers are the most important assets for businesses and that’s why it’s necessary to keep them happy and satisfied. As the call centre would be the one handling your customers, therefore, you need to check if it is already certified and could be trusted. Hence, before contracting any big assignment or project, ask your chosen call centre to complete a short and simple task. If the result is up to or beyond your expectations then you can hire it.

5. Discuss the privacy and security measures

With digitization, cases of data theft, fraud, and other cyber-attacks have increased. So it’s imperative to choose a call centre that implements strict security measures to ensure that your proprietary data is safe and secure from all such threats.

6. Discuss the pricing structure

The pricing structure of every call centre is different. Some quote their prices on per-minute basis, however, others apply charges on an hourly basis. While making the deal, ensure that they don’t charge you for the time when your customers are put on hold. In fact, discuss every aspect and be very clear about the pricing plans.

While opting for call center outsourcing services for your business is an excellent option, there are always many risks involved in it. Therefore, you must make your move towards the same after considering the above-mentioned factors.

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