Top Varieties Of Chocolates

There are very few people who do not love eating chocolates and so there are plenty of people who are keener to know that how chocolates are made and how they have been processed. It has a long refinery process and the thing starts with a particular fruit called the cacao beans that are mainly obtained from the tropical tree called Theobromine cacao. These beans are then dried properly and then fermented again so that they can be roasted to make fine dusts out of it.

As a result, the product that comes through has some solid fats and some cocoa butter along with chocolate liquors and some roasted beans of cocoa. In order to send chocolates UK one should pick from the varieties of chocolates that are available these days.

Cocoa powder

This is actually the unsweetened version of chocolate and it is the powder version of it. This one is also defatted as chocolate liquor and this particular cocoa powder has a very intense taste. They are available in 2 varieties and they are alkalised and natural varieties. The natural cocoa powder looks light brown in colour and they have a string flavour but the alkalised variety has a dark colour and they are mainly used as baking powder.

Unsweetened chocolate

This variety is also termed as the bitter or the baking chocolate. It is also a pure chocolate liquor variety and they are mostly made from freshly grinded cocoa beans. They taste really bitter and they are also not fit for regular consumptions. But when this variety is mixed with sugar, then it can become a more eatable version. This particular one has both cocoa butter and cocoa solids in it and so they are very good to use for baking purposes. It is also considered to be a proper base ingredient which is used to make the other usual chocolate varieties except for white chocolates.

Dark chocolate

This is a kind of chocolate which contains a lot of cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and a bit of sugar, no solid milk ingredients are used here and the amount of cocoa used in this chocolate variety can actually vary from 35 percent to 75 percent. This is bitter in taste because of high cocoa content but dark chocolates are always considered good for healthy consumption because they are not only good for heart but has other health benefits as well.

Bittersweet chocolate

It is a variety of chocolate which contains at least 35 percent of cocoa solids and more than 50 percent of chocolate liquors. They also have a very bitter flavour and they are mainly used to form some semi sweet bars. The amount of sugar used in these bars can be easily regulated.

Semi sweet chocolate

They are lighter than the bitter sweet chocolates and the amount of sugar used in these chocolates also keep varying when chocolate bars are made out of it.

In order to send chocolates online, one can check the sites where varieties of chocolates are available and they have delivery system.

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