Travel Apps To The Rescue

Apps have made our lives so easy as there’s literally an app for anything and everything. Just think about it, you want to order food- there’s an app for that, you want to book flight tickets, there are a million sites for it, you want to order flowers, cake, or even meet new people, well there are multiple apps for them too. Today, humans can easily run their lives using apps.

Ever since the travel industry has boomed, so has the number of apps for travel. We’re all looking for the best hotel to stay in, the cheapest flight ticket, the best way to get from point A to B, so on and so forth. In case you’re wondering what some good apps are that you can use to plan your next trip, here’s a list for you.

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Sky Scanner

This travel app is so cool! It lets you find hotels, cars and flights to whichever city you are planning to visit. You have all the information before you reach your destination within a few clicks. This app is the best for those who love to plan their holiday to the T.

Pack Point

Packpoint is the cutest travel app out there in the world that helps you pack your luggage! The graphics and images are absolutely adorable and makes packing real fun! You even get to customize your making list according to the activities (trekking, biking) you will be participating in while traveling.

Google Translate

Google translate is one travel app that every traveler must have on their phones. It especially comes in handy when you are traveling to a foreign country and can’t understand a word of the native language spoken by citizens there. It’s the simplest travel app out there in the world, which anyone can figure out how to use.


Duolingo is not exactly a travel app, but it a great one to learn a new language which will inevitably help when you travel abroad. It’s got a fantastic layout, filled with fun challenges that make learning a new language fun. Use the app regularly, and in no time, you will be speaking like a pro!

XE Currency

Isn’t it so frustrating when you can’t keep track of the fluctuating currency exchange rates? One day the dollar is 70, the next 73! This travel app is meant for those people who are on a budget and would like to plan their expenses well in advance. A great way to use this app to plan your budget for the trip, before and during it.

Trip Advisor

 Admit it, this is the first travel app you refer to before booking any hotel or holidays! Today, travelers want to have a feel of the place they will be staying at, before their trip starts. Tourists want the best experience while on their holiday, so most of them do their research by logging on to trip advisor before.

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