Types Of Fabric Of Lehenga That Are Beyond Than Just Gorgeous

Types Of Fabric Of Lehenga That Are Beyond Than Just Gorgeous

A blank face is a normal face that every woman makes when she heard so much high class gossiping about the fabric of the lehenga. We all understand that the topic is quite an ingrained one and you are obviously not the textile manager to understand it all.

Well, the wearer doesn’t have to understand the 100% of the fabric but need to focus on the importance of some of them as you are going to buy women lehenga online which will be very close to your heart.

Whether you are the bride preparing for the D-day or the guest of honour of the event, you need to know a little bit of what you are wearing and will you feel good in that or not. There are so many types of fabric that are used to make a different kind of lehengas but here are the most popular ones which you will love to have:

Raw Silk Lehenga

  • These lehengas are the epitome of crisp, clean and contemporary lehengas which bring the same royal look of traditional silk but are easy to manage and drape.
  • The raw silk lehengas have a glittery shine and showcase soft pleats.
  • The silk lehenga online is super flared and sometimes a bit stiff but when worn they look fully covered.
  • If you have lean figure and shape, then raw silk lehenga, Banarasi silk lehenga online are the great options for you.
  • Avoid too many embellishments and patchwork as it may ruin the beauty and delicacy of the fabric as well.

Complete Net Style

Bold and attractive, the net is used in the making of designer traditional Indian dresses such as sarees, blouses, suits and lehengas. The usage of the imported soft net is on peak these which look and better than regular net fabrics which can be at times tacky.

If you wish to look like a fairy while staying in the budget, you can opt for net lehengas online.

Velvet Lehenga

Velvet is one of the royal fabrics used for the lehengas. Check out how you can use its regal image:

  • They are available with both rich and minimal embroidery and embellishments.
  • The fabric has a luxurious shine; choose Sabyasachi’s lehengas to get the real glimpse.
  • The velvet designer lehengas ‘fall’ really well and are famous due to soft pleats which look very flattering on every woman.
  • The only disadvantage of the fabric is making you look fat as the fabric is a little bit thick.
  • You can eradicate the extra weight look by choosing imported velvet and not sheneel.
  • You can also go with lycra velvet which is light in weight and gives the same royal feel.

Georgette Lehengas

If you do not want much rush and thinking while selecting lehengas or are too afraid of seeing the lavishness and weight of the designer lehengas then go with georgette lehengas. Buy women lehenga online of georgette fabric and wear them with floral pattern jewellery.

Mostly the georgette made lehengas are A-line and soft to touch. The fluid fabric lends a great flow and fall to the traditional dress. The lehengas of this fabric ill look amazing on every type of women figure.  The fabric has low maintenance and hassle-free and thus most of the maidens choose georgette made lehengas.

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