Wall Decor Painting Design To Color Large Size Of House

A huge house means a large wall. There will be a lot of appliances, big furniture and lots of decor inside the house. The finishing touch of paint can be a nightmare for the owner if the risk of doing it by unprofessional painters is taken.

It is normal that some of the paint may drop while painting as long as you cover the furniture, appliances, and everything which is near in the areas to be painted. Professional painters will have to remove all the appliances and other stuff before applying for an easy paint job and because they know where the splashes of paint will be. You can visit New Casa Painters`s official website to furtherly check the varieties of their services.

House Features

Basically, different types of the house require different types of preparation to achieve the desired results. The very foundation of a house’s appearance is impressively seen on the wall presentation. A traditional house is made of concrete or wooden walls that absolutely need an additional touch of color for visual amazement. Therefore, consulting professionals for advice can save you from further problems and wrong decisions. Sometimes paint color for a small house is not compatible for a large house that is why you need to do further research to gain useful ideas, especially about interior designing.

Well, if you have a big house and great walls to paint, adding colors to it might not be enough. Imagine you are the size of an ant and living in a shoebox that is plainly colored in white, will you be contented? One of the best ideas is to add wall décor painting as a lively touch for plain walls.

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Décor

  • As a very useful technique, choose a wall décor painting that takes up the width of the wall, minus 10-20 inches on each side, so it looks like it’s centered. For example, you have a 100-inch wall. Leave about 15 inches on each side of the piece of art, which means you should choose something around 85 inches wide.


  • If you are hanging a painting over a sofa, bed or table, choose a piece of art that is the same length or a little bit smaller than the furniture. Avoid opting to have a masterpiece that is wider than the furniture because it will look totally weird and crowded.
  • For those who have a gigantic wall, you can either buy a large canvass that can be very expensive or choose smaller pieces that can be laid like a collage or gallery wall.


  • If you want to have a unique and permanent wall décor, you can have your wall painted with art. A mural is any piece of art that is applied directly on the wall, you can match it with your house’s theme. If you opt to show a little touch of ethnicity, a mandala wall art is a perfect choice. You can also bring in your favorite tree such as, cherry blossom or maple tree.


House is a necessity, small or big. It is the place where you eat, sleep, and feel safe so it should look remarkable. It shouldn’t be overcrowded and everything should be planned ahead of time. Resources and ideas are unlimited and all you need to do is to make the most out of them.

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