Why Derby is the Perfect Business Location

Only a few short years ago, Derby was named as the ‘start-up capital’, a place that had all the hallmarks for being the right location for a new business. Established businesses are making the move too so why is Derby the perfect business location?

Excellent transport links

For any business needing to transport products to stores or warehouses, you need to be at the centre of transport links. Whether that is the road network, rail or even air, when it comes to its geographical location, Derby ticks all the boxes.

Sandwiched between the M6 and M1 corridors, Derby is reachable easily by road and with impressive rail networks too, you can see why businesses are taking an interest. Just a short 106 miles away from its centre, the East Midlands airport is perfect for air freight, as well as for employees or visitors to arrive.

Transport is not just about movement of cargo and freight but people too. And for employees, the morning and evening commute is a necessary evil but by basing your business in Derby, their commute is easier and certainly more of a joy that battling overcrowded trains in other areas of the country.

Small city, big ideas

London can feel like the centre of the world, as if all of life is there. Its sprawling tentacles seem to weave ever further from its centre and whilst being in the capital serves a purpose, it can be too big, too expensive, too much for many businesses.

And yet, if you left the big city, you would probably fear losing out. Would you have the customer base? Would you employees want to follow you? As you expand, will there be the talent you need? Will your location prove attractive?

Derby is a small, compact city but still has everything you would expect of a throbbing metropolis. It has the bars, the nightclubs, the restaurant and the other entertainment people of all ages seek.

It has the big high street brands too and so all in all, the location is a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy city life but without the city price tag.


When considering employees, you need to consider the cost of living in an area too. Big cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester for example – are thriving and busy but what kind of rent prices do people pay to live there? What about getting on the housing ladder?

Derby hides a secret that many are beginning to discover. Rents in this city are below those of London and Manchester. And the cost of property is a shade below the national average too.

In effect, your employees would be getting more for their money and anyone with more disposable income in their pocket is a happier employee, wouldn’t you say?

Business accommodation

Having said all this – great transport links, great city and amenities, and a fantastic location for employees – there is the question of the business accommodation stock.

Every business demands something different from their location and of their premises. Whilst some need large warehousing space, others need smaller offices. And then there are meetings rooms and presentations to accommodate.

Business accommodation needs to ebb and flow, just as the activities of the business ebb and flow. Thus, you will want to know what kinds of commercial property for rent in Derby there are.

There is everything a business needs – warehouse units, storage unit, serviced offices, stand-alone industrial units and a vast array of different retail unit options – and so for any business considering relocation, Derby is the compact city that has it all.

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