Why Should One Consume Premium Loose Leaf Tea Over Other Variants?


Tea is one of the most commonly preferred beverages across the globe. People love to have it first thing in the morning.  For people who love the beverage, it is a way of refreshing their mood and feeling energized. You can find a wide variety when it comes to the beverage. However, whichever type you choose, one thing you always look for is quality. The quality of the beverage can never be compromised as it’s all about the taste and benefits.

In the modern culture, we want everything to be quick and instant, and so even our tea has transformed from loose leaves to tea bags. From homes to offices, everywhere you can see the teabags. Some people may even wonder that if you can make the beverage instantly, why to take the pain and put efforts for making it with loose leaf tea. The answer is quality! There are a lot more reasons why you need to switch to the conventional, loose leaf tea over the instant ones. Let’s have a look at the benefits of premium loose leaf tea:

  • It tastes amazing

One of the reasons why you should choose the leaves is because when these leaves are chopped into small pieces and filled in the small bags, the quality gets compromised. But when the leaves are not trapped inside a bag, they can completely expand, which helps them in releasing its entire natural flavour. The larger surface of the leaves contain oils which are not there in chopped leaves. Thus, the taste of the beverage is enhanced quite significantly.

  • It has a captivating aroma

When the leaves are put in a bag, they get blended which takes away a lot of flavour from the leaves. Many companies add artificial fragrance and additives for the aroma, but it is not the natural aroma from the leaves. When you compare the smell of the instant teabags with the loose leaves, you will yourself find the difference. It tastes not only amazing but also smells heavenly.

  • Promotes health

Did you know that loose leaf tea is great for your overall health? The loose leaf tea can help in keeping your blood pressure in check along with boosting your immunity power. The leaves are also rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. They also offer various nutrients and vitamins. In short, loose tea leaves offer an overall goodness of health.

  • Quality

It is a given fact that the teabags are much lower in quality as compared to the loose leaves. It has been observed that lower grades of CTC are used for teabag production. It is apparent from the fact that when you dip the teabags in water, the colour changes quite fast. This is because the leaves that have been cut into smaller pieces lose their colour and aroma quite fast. Many of the teabags are a storehouse of artificial fragrances and chemicals, which are added during the blending process.

While loose leaves are better than teabags, they don’t automatically become better. You need to choose from a wide variety so that you can find the best option. Try to find leaves that are fresh and were not lying on the shelf for many months as they lose their essence.

Considering how premium loose leaf tea is better and a storehouse of benefits, it is time that people make a healthy shift in their choice. Though it may take time to prepare the beverage with leaves as compared to bags, it is worth the taste and aroma. The best part is you can even buy online tea in Australia but make sure it is from an authentic supplier, who can assure you of the quality.

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