Why the Name Cesarean Section Is Cesarean in Pregnancy?


The c section or the cesarean is a procedure that is done to deliver a baby by making an incision in the pregnant lady’s abdomen. However, in this case, have you ever thought what the cesarean section name origin is? Most of us haven’t gone too deep into the name, but all they wanted a healthy delivery of the baby.

In here, you must give it a good thought that the name is important too. As you are expecting someone to give birth, you are sitting in the hospital lounge, searching for the origin of this term, will keep you away from boredom. So, here we have covered the matter for your convenience.

Body parts name

There are several human body parts that are named after people like, Eustachian and Fallopian tubes, and these are named after the ones who have described the thing. You must know that Bartolomeo Eustachi and Gabriele Fallopio are the founders. However there are procedures that are named by people, Henry Heimlich is named Heimlich maneuver. Yet in the case of Cesarean, it has no prominent evidence.

The common theory

The best-told story is after Julius Caesar because it was said that he was born in this way. Although this explanation seems like a good fit, it’s not true. The Roman historians have made this up when the Byzantine encyclopedia was published in the 10th century. It was said that his mother gave birth to him this way. Then the idea oozes doubt because the mother lived to Caesar’s adulthood. In Roman time, it was the law that the pregnant women have to die during childbirth and then the bay is separated from them. So here is the query arises, that Caesar might not have a c-section delivery. It can happen that an ancestor of the king was born in this manner, and thus the family name is attached to the person.

The fact

So if this is not the case then, why is a c section called a c section? The fact is, there is a Latin word, ‘calendar’ which means cut and its past participle is, ‘caesus’, so it can be the origin of the name cesarean.

The c-section births are very common this day and it has to become easy with the use of anesthesia. However, if you look into the history there had been the death of mothers by having this way, but there are also stories of women who have lived even after they have gone through c-section in the European history. You will get so many references to this procedure in Hindu, Egyptian, Chinese and Roman medical texts.

So, we can definitely separate the idea of cesarean delivery from the Roman Emperor Caesar’s birth. The word is actually derived from the Latin word and it means to cut. This very word is also used to explain the thin slice of tissue that is generally used in microscopic tests.

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